My Super Fun Week

by Your Friendly Neighborhood Spying-Man

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Friendly Neighborhood Spying-Man here, with a few pics of stuff i have seen this week that made me very happy...thought I would share them.

Pic 1: I work near the This Morning studios and saw this (badly spelt) lovely bit of Graffiti, sure it was fern or whatever the fat ex-cohost sloth is called.

Pic 2: In the newsagents in Richmond, this poor immigrant looking for work...they did everything right, nearly pulled off the job...call them on the mobile...er...phone number?

Pic 3: Cue: guffaw.

Pic 4: I just really love the fact there is a map on the waterloo to city line. Should just have a sign saying, "If you just left Bank you're on the way to Waterloo...and guess the rest you city boy twats."

Pic 5: This guy had trapped me in the inside seat on the train. No word of a lie, I actually thought he was dead and even asked the guard to check he was okay and still breathing.

Pic 6: Odd person on the train numero uno...iPod: check...paper: check...coathanger: check.

Pics 7 & 8: Odd person on the train winner. This guy carefully peeled a satsuma, took all the white bits off the outside, laid each segment in perfect order on his unfoldy table seat thing before eating them.